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Cover Agency, Ltd. has strong wholesale markets for Motor Truck Cargo and Inland Marine Insurance.

We can place insurance for both large and small trucks, at very competitive premiums.

Below is a motor truck cargo quote for a Refrigerated Truck that can carry up to 50,000 lbs. 
of cargo. This truck’s cargo is Produce, which requires maintaining refrigeration cold during transportation of the shipment.

The refrigeration of the Produce added about $400 + to the estimated insurance premium. If you want to place motor truck cargo for an unrefrigerated truck, the premium would be substantially less (Assuming all other information remains the same.). One truck, or Multiple trucks can be insured on the same motor truck cargo insurance policy

Here is a sample of a recent Refrigerated Truck,"Produce"
Goods, Insurance Quote, from a high quality insurer:

Sample of one Big Truck: “Refrigerated Truck”, Cargo was Produce:


Quote #



Thank you for submitting the captioned account. Please review this quotation carefully as the terms and conditions may be different than requested.

This quote is valid for 30 days from the date sent or until the effective date shown below, whichever comes first. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Effective Date:

Expiration Date:

Company Insurance Company

Coverage: Motor: Truck Cargo

Coverage Form(s):

Motor Truck Cargo Liability – Small Fleet Coverage Form  

A complete set of declarations, coverage forms, endorsements and conditions are available upon request.

Covered Perils: Legal liability for risks of direct physical loss or damage subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions in the policy forms and as specified below.

Valuation: Legal Liability

Coinsurance: None

Limits of Insurance:

Occurrence Limit of InsuranceL  In any one occurrence $100,000

Limits of Insurance

The sub-limits of insurance below are part of, and not in addition to the Occurrence Limit Of Insurance shown above.

In or on any one scheduled vehicle $100,000 At the following terminal locations


The most we will pay for loss caused by theft of manufactured tobacco products, alcoholic beverages (other than beer, wine or ale), electronics

Automatic Extensions of Coverage

Debris Removal $5,000

Earned Freight Charges $2,500

Miscellaneous Equipment $1,000

Expenses to Protect Covered Property from $5,000

Further Damage Pollutant Clean Up $10,000

The Limits of Insurance for Automatic Extensions of Coverage are in addition to the Occurrence Limit of Insurance shown above.


All causes of loss $1,000 Except

Refrigeration Breakdown $2,500

Rust, Warpage and Water Not Covered

Specified Shipper Deductible Not Covered

Unless endorsed on the policy, no deductible applies to the Automatic Extensions of Coverage.

Coverage Territory: Continental United States and Canada

Rating Basis: 1 Scheduled Vehicles


Rating Basis: 1 Scheduled Vehicles


Sum of Scheduled Vehicles Premium


Terminal Premium

Not Covered

Trailer Interchange Premium

Not Covered

Sub-Total Premium:


TRIPRA Premium:


NJPLIGA Surcharge


Total Premium:


 Applicable taxes, surcharges or fees, etc. are in addition to the above quoted premium. The actual taxes, Any surcharges or fees, etc. will be those in effect on the date coverage is bound. The insured is responsible for paying these taxes, surcharges or fees in addition to the premiums quoted above.

Premium per Vehicle, includes Specified     
Shipper charge, if any.           


Minimum Earned Premium: $250

Terms and Conditions: Quote is subject to acceptable MVR's.

Meat Seafood and Shellfish are not covered.

Mandatory Exclusions & Amendments:

All policy form exclusions including but not limited to Pollution & Contamination, Asbestos, and Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiological exclusions.


45 Days except 10 Days for non-payment of premium

The number of days of advance notice we will give you if we cancel this policy is shown above. In the event that state regulations that apply to your risk are longer, we will automatically increase the number of days to equal the required period.

Inspections: We reserve the right to inspect your operation at any reasonable time and you agree to comply with any recommendations that we deem essential


We require the following information to complete policy issuance:

1 A completed application signed and dated by the prospective insured and producer.

2 MVRs for all drivers using scheduled vehicles at the time of binding.

3 The prospective insured’s most recent 3 years hard copy loss runs (If the prospective insured has been

in business for less than three years, loss runs for each year in business).

4 Schedule of power units – must include all 17 digits of the VIN number.

5 Is Federal or state filing required to be made?


Attached is a Disclosure Notice required by the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007 (“TRIPRA”). The premium charge for the terrorism coverage is set forth on the Disclosure Notice. This forms part of the overall premium bound above for the Company’s participation.

Certificates of Insurance


Insert the policy number. The remainder of the information is to be completed only when this endorsement is issued subsequent to the preparation of the policy.


Disclosure Of Premium

In accordance with the federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, we are required to provide you with a notice disclosing the portion of your premium, if any, attributable to coverage for terrorist acts certified under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act. The portion of your premium attributable to such coverage is shown in this endorsement or in the policy Declarations.

Disclosure Of Federal Participation In Payment Of Terrorism Losses

The United States Government, Department of the Treasury, will pay a share of terrorism losses insured under the federal program. The federal share equals 85% of that portion of the amount of such insured losses that exceeds the applicable insurer retention. However, if aggregate insured losses attributable to terrorist acts certified under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act exceed $100 billion in a Program Year (January 1 through December 31), the Treasury shall not make any payment for any portion of the amount of such losses that exceeds $100 billion.

Cap On Insurer Participation In Payment Of Terrorism Losses

If aggregate insured losses attributable to terrorist acts certified under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act exceed $100 billion in a Program Year (January 1 through December 31) and we have met our insurer deductible under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, we shall not be liable for the payment of any portion of the amount of such losses that exceeds $100 billion, and in such case insured losses up to that amount are subject to pro rata allocation in accordance with procedures established by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act premium: $14 

Please Contact Me with your inquiries, and requests for applications, etc.


Priscilla Li, Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd.

Phone Numbers:

Direct (347) 886-9778

Office (718) 591- 2400



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