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This  Wholesale Insurance For website is designed by Cover Agency, Ltd., to focus both on Wholesale Truck Insurance and the insurance coverages that frequently accompany it, such as Umbrella Liability Insurance and

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

Cover Agency, Ltd. is a wholesale insurance broker and insurance agent, providing to the retail insurance broker a broad array of wholesale
property and casualty insurance products (Including numerous online type "Automated, Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" insurance programs).

We have been in business since 2002, and are affiliated with Greenpoint Agency, Inc (Founded 1977, with the same family ownership).

Cover Agency services  the retail insurance broker and insurance agent, who want to earn
more commissions and need a reliable, source for a Prompt Quote  insurance binder with more commissions.

Cover Agency does business with many insurance companies; we can provide access to most  types of business insurance products needed by the commercial insurance broker.

The right hand column of this webpage lists our popular:

 Automated, Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue insurance plans and our

Diligent Quote  Insurance plans.

Both Prompt Quote and DiligentQuote plans are frequently requested by insurance brokers.

If you don't see the type of insurance you need, please click on this Wholesale Insurance link to connect to our comprehensive wholesale insurance website. In addition to this Insurance For website, we also have specialized and informative wholesale insurance websites and web pages for:

IT Security and Data Privacy Insurance, and

Health Providers Insurance and Medical Facilities Insurance

Environmental Insurance , including an Environmental - General Contractor packaged product.


Please contact me for answers to your insurance inquiries, or to obtain an insurance application, request an insurance quote, or to discuss our Cover Agency unusual business philosophy of  "More Commissions":

To earn more commissions, obtain superior service, and a broad array of insurance products, become one of our insurance broker clients.


Priscilla Li, Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd.

Phone Numbers:

Direct (347) 886-9778

Office (718) 591- 2400



179-14 Union Turnpike

Flushing, NY 11366


Wholesale Insurance




TOP Commissions


Artisan Liability

Auto Dealers-Call 718-591-2400

Auto Repair Shops

Automated Crime Fidelity Insure

Automated Director Officers Liab

Automated Employ Pract Liab

Automated Fiduciary Liab

Automated Int'l Travel

Automated Managment Liab

Automated Motor Truck Cargo

Automated Prof'l Liab

Automated Quotes

Automated Umbrella Liab

Bonds - Call 718-591-2400

BOP- Business or Real Estate

Construction Insurance

Contamination insurance

Contractor G Liability NY

Contractor Liab IL IN OH CT

Critical Illness Insurance

Data Breach Ins - Low Cost

Disability Income-Sickness To 70


Disability Income Bus's Buyout

Disability Inc- Lump Sum Paid

Disability Inc- $50,000,000 Maximum

Disability Income - London

Educators Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability

Environment Company Pollute

Environment Contractor Pollute

Environment Healthcare Site Liab

Environment Prof Liability Svces

Environmental Insurance

Environmental Site Pollution

Excess Disability Income-BIG

Fiduciary Insurance Pkg

Food Industry Call 718-591-2400

Garage Liability - Keepers

Health Hipaa Info Data Liab

Homeowner 12 Payments NY

Inland Marine Insurance

Int'l Comprehensive Bus's

Int'l Health Ins: 718-591-2400

Int'l Travel & Business

Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion Ins

Lawyer Malpractice

Lessor Ins Call 718-591-2400

Life  Sciences Industry Pkg

Long Term Care Insurance

Lumber Products Pkg-Call 718-591-2400

Malpractice Non-Standard Lawyer

Malpractice Attorney's LowCost

Medical Data HIPAA Liability

Medical Facility Liability Pkg

Medical Facility Umbrella Liab

Medical Facility Pollution Liab

Medical Facility EPLI, D&O, Fidelity

Merger and Acquisition Ins

Motor Truck Cargo Ins


NY Action Over Coverage-Yes

Ocean Marine Insurance

Product Recall Ins

Professional Liability 900 Classes

Prof Liability- Architect, Engineer

Professional Liability- Contractor

Public Entity Town Utility Liab

Real Estate - Superior Programs

Real Estate-Big Capacity 7185912400

Recreation, Sports Pkg- Call 718-591-2400

Restaurant Contamination Insure

Restaurants - Call 718-591-2400

Restaurants, TakeOut 718-591-2400

Retail, Wholesale, Mfger

Structured Credit Ins 718-591-2400

Sub-Contractor Liability NY CT IL IN OH

Superior BOP

Surety Bond - Call 718-591-2400

Technology Company Pkg

Truck Insurance NY CT

Umbrella Liability Classes

Vacant Realty-Call 718-591-2400

Web Company Pkg

Wood Products Pkg 718-591-2400

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